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One size does not fit all

Our solutions are as unique as your business.

Whether you are looking for a basic tracking system for your vehicles, plant/machinery, tractors or trailers or a full integrated telematics system, we have all angles covered!

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Vehicle Tracking

Build your own tracking interface from the ground up. Starting with your base layer, the maps, do you prefer Google or does Navteq work better? Then the overlay, would you like Highways agency events? or does traffic flow suit better? Would you like to personalise the system by adding your points of interest? Your system-your choice

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Vehicle Telematics

Improving driving style is a Proven method of not only saving money but also creating a safer and more eco friendly fleet. By providing easy to digest driving style analysis, our solutions help you to identify where improvements can be made and allow you to monitor progress to get you to your desired objectives!

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Asset Tracking

Our robust, IP67 rated tracking units include a long life battery and powerful internal GPS and GSM antennas. The units can be set up to operate in different tracking modes depending on the asset been tracked and what the need to track is.

A simple daily location report would allow the tracker to update for upto 18 months without charge!

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Safety Cameras

Our safety cameras are approved by major motoring organisations including Transport For London (TFL), Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and are insurance approved for reduced premiums.

We can integrate your safety cameras to your tracking unit to raise an alert when a camera event is activated.

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What our clients are saying…..


“Senior operational managers have been very complimentary on the performance of the system to date and as a result I would not hesitate to recommend ETS and our system to other organisations.”

Ross Baxter
National Distribution Projects Manager
Alliance Healthcare

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“We are delighted that we selected ETS as our vehicle tracking partner. They were the only company who took the time to understand our industry and who were able to provide a suitable solution to our specific needs.”

Adnan Umarji
General Traffic

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We needed a simple to use system as IT is just one of many roles for our managers so we needed to be able to be using it straight away to its maximum potential without specialist IT skills which we achieved.”

Craig Horabin
Parks and Open Space Manager
Hyndburn Borough Council

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We looked at several telematics solutions over a significant period of time all with different functionality and costs. ETS helped us identify a solution that fitted the need and helped deliver the project within budget.

Don Gibson
Operational Strategy & Data Specialist
Essex County Council

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