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Fleet Management Solutions

ETS have a proven track record of delivering fleet management solutions to public & private sector organisations. Our consultative approach ensures that results are maintained long after implementation and return on investments realised.

Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking Solutions

ETS provide a flexible solution to help Fleet Managers to reduce costs and manage their fleet efficiency.  SPOTONfleet uses advanced mapping options to provide an accurate view of the real time location of vehicles.  Journeys can be reconstructed using Google Street View and any driving behaviour events or speeding is highlighted on the map.  SPOTONfleet provides live information about the environment the fleet is operating in.  Map overlays such as weather conditions, road speed and traffic events can help Fleet Managers to provide accurate estimated time of arrivals therefore helping to provide an excellent level of service for their customers.

Fuel Efficiency Solutions

ETS working with BOX Telematics who are leaders of innovation and have developed SPOTONfuel to monitor a fleet’s driving behaviour and provide feedback to achieve fuel savings. The Fleet Manager has the ability to tailor a variety of reports via the online platform and this information helps to identify inefficient driving behaviour, enabling realistic cost saving incentives to be implemented. The most effective way to make fuel savings is to improve a driver’s behaviour. SPOTONfuel achieves this by providing the driver with real time feedback on how they are driving. A Lightbar mounted on the dashboard will tell the driver if their driving is too erratic, or if they are braking too harshly. This then promotes a smoother, more cost efficient driving style.

Plant Equipment Solutions

SPOTONplant is the security solution provided by BOX Telematics to prevent the theft and misuse of plant equipment and agricultural assets. A rugged telematics device provides an accurate location of assets in SPOTONweb portal, where information can be viewed in real time. Geofenced points of interest can be created via the SPOTON platform which can help ensure assets are kept within a predefined area. If the asset moves out of the geofence, alerts can be sent via SMS or email. The hardware encloses a 3 axis accelerometer and can detect if the asset is being moved or tampered with which can also enable an alert to be sent.

In Vehicle Camera Systems

ETS provide a range of innovative in-vehicle RoadHawk camera systems to support its telematics offering. From 1080p forward-facing cameras to multi camera systems that support large vehicles and valuable goods industries. The addition of RoadHawk cameras to the BOX Telematics product portfolio helps to prevent fraudulent insurance claims through mounted in-vehicle cameras. This provides the Fleet Manager with complete visibility of the fleet’s activity, making SPOTONfleet the ideal ‘all in one’ Fleet Management solution.

Mobile Work Forms

WorkMobile can revolutionise your processes by eliminating the need for field based personnel to complete paper forms by replicating them on their mobile devices.

Furthermore the data they capture can be received back in the office or fed into back office systems immediately and acted upon or stored for future recall.


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What our clients are saying…..


“Senior operational managers have been very complimentary on the performance of the system to date and as a result I would not hesitate to recommend ETS and our system to other organisations.”

Ross Baxter
National Distribution Projects Manager
Alliance Healthcare

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“We are delighted that we selected ETS as our vehicle tracking partner. They were the only company who took the time to understand our industry and who were able to provide a suitable solution to our specific needs.”


Adnan Umarji

Director General Traffic

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We needed a simple to use system as IT is just one of many roles for our managers so we needed to be able to be using it straight away to its maximum potential without specialist IT skills which we achieved.”

Craig Horabin
Parks and Open Space Manager
Hyndburn Borough Council

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We looked at several telematics solutions over a significant period of time all with different functionality and costs. ETS helped us identify a solution that fitted the need and helped deliver the project within budget.

Don Gibson

Operational Strategy & Data Specialist Essex County Council

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