Alliance Healthcare

"We worked with ETS over a period of almost seven months to ensure they understood our business requirements and we understood their products. Together we identified a solution which would satisfy our specific needs, and undertook a pilot study to ensure the theory translated effectively into reality."


National Distribution Projects Manager Alliance Healthcare


Essex County Council

Our main concerns were reliability of these solutions, but ETS delivered a product that is not only reliable, but also has an excellent back office support network that responds to our requirements in very good time. Our manufacturer is also proactive in upgrading the system, ensuring our product is future proof.


Operational Strategy & Data Specialist Essex County Council


General Traffic


“We are delighted that we selected ETS as our vehicle tracking partner. They were the only company who took the time to understand our industry and who were able to provide a suitable solution to our specific needs"


Director General Traffic


Higher Access

“It (the tracking solution) enables us to have a pinpoint location for our equipment at all times – and for our customers it offers extra safety and security as the machine can be immobilised remotely if required.”

Operations Director Higher Access

Tracking Solutions


SPOTONfleet is a flexible Fleet Management solution that manages vehicles through an online web portal. It is designed to actively manage fleet activities whilst reducing unnecessary costs and streamlining administration duties. It includes easily interpreted reports and smart data such as timesheet evidence, mileage information and time spent in geofenced areas, enabling Fleet Managers to make informed decisions about the movements of a fleet. The solution improves the visibility of fleet activity through real time vehicle tracking, live traffic data and historic route replay.

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SPOTONfuel is the revolutionary Fleet Management solution that enables savings of up to 15% to be made on overall fuel bills by encouraging better driving styles through an in-cab driver feedback display. Fleet Managers can then monitor both drivers and vehicles through a variety of customisable dashboards that display the data on both driving behaviour and performance. Drivers are  given a driving rating from A to G, enabling them to see not just how they are improving, but also the areas where they can develop a more efficient driving practice.

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