Protecting your drivers from ‘Crash for cash’ fraud – part 1

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Crash for cash – how it works

In most road traffic ‘accidents’ where one vehicle is hit from behind by another, it is the driver of the vehicle behind that is deemed to be at fault.  So in ‘crash for cash’ scams the aim is to deliberately stage or induce an accident for which the other (following) driver can be blamed.

In the simplest scenario, a car may pull in front of one of your drivers and brake sharply and suddenly giving your driver no chance to avoid going into the back of them.  Alternatively they may appear to accelerate away from traffic lights or a roundabout normally only to brake sharply for no obvious reason.Head2Head Smash

In other examples drivers have reported a car in front slamming on the brakes suddenly when approaching a pedestrian crossing – even though the road ahead was completely clear and there were no pedestrians near or on the crossing.

There have been many reports of fraudsters going so far as to disconnect the brake lights on their vehicle so that following vehicles have even less chance of stopping in time to avoid the collision

Gangs will target the vehicles most likely to have insurance which means sign written vehicles with company logos could make for ideal targeting.

Flash for cash

‘Flash for cash’ is a more recent phenomenon in which the fraudsters flash their headlights at an innocent driver, apparently to beckon them out of a junction, shops or petrol filling station, only to speed up and induce a crash for which your driver will be blamed – “I was driving along normally and you just pulled out without looking!”

 Example Footage

Take a look at the following footage caught on a RoadHawk Dashcam. A lorry driver was going about his daily business when the car in front suddenly brakes causing him to collide in to the back of him. On later inspection the insurance company involved deemed the video to be suspect and handed it over to the Police. After a long investigation the police have busted a huge ‘Crash for Cash’ ring involving over 120 incidents in the last year, possibly totalling more than £3m of insurance fraud. This clearly demonstrates the advantages of having a RoadHawk forward facing dash cam in your vehicle.

  Police believe this to be a ‘decoy rear end shunt’ with two cars involved. Watch the video carefully. When the lorry driver pulls in to the left hand lane the Mercedes closes the gap between itself and the car in front. The VW Golf makes a sudden turn causing the Merc to brake hard. The Golf is used as a decoy to give the Mercedes the excuse of having to stop quickly.

Protecting your drivers

As the footage above clearly demonstrates, a RoadHawk Dashcam is the perfect digital driver protection system in the event of a driver being involved in a road traffic accident. There is little doubt that without the vital footage caught on this RoadHawk Dashcam that the driver and his company would have been held liable for this incident.

All of our RoadHawk cameras are available on our exclusive rental programme which allows for simple implementation without any large capital outlay. Protect your drivers from as little as 17 pence per day and as our RoadHawk Dashcams are recognised by more insurers than any other camera provider, you may even get help towards funding them or through lower insurance premiums.

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