British motorists could be stripped of licences under new EU laws

Chris Woods Blog

UK motorists who are caught speeding abroad in Europe will now be tracked down and have fines sent to their home addresses, before being pursued in UK courts.

Under new plans allowing European Union states to access our motoring records for the first time, any driving offences committed outside the UK will now be punishable at home. This is a huge change, as previously any Brits who committed offences elsewhere on the Continent could only be fined by police officers at the roadside.

Drivers who were travelling in their own vehicles when they committed an offence would have previously remained unpunished, while those in hire vehicles could be traced through rental records. Now, however, national police forces can send fines across Europe, reports.

Punishable offences will include speeding, failing to stop at a red light, drink and drug driving, and driving whilst using a mobile device.

It is now as important as ever for UK business’ and their drivers to protect themselves when driving abroad by utilising our vehicle tracking solutions.

Tracking location and speed of travel can help protect against any incorrectly attributed fines. It can also serve as a major assistance should any company vehicle be involved in accident – as too can vehicle accident cameras.

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