Why choose a RoadHawk dash camera?

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Are you thinking of buying dash cameras for your fleet?

With the plethora of dash cameras now available, either through reputable dealers or off the internet, why should you choose a RoadHawk camera above the rest?

Dash cameras can range in cost from £20 to £300+ and vary greatly in what they can do and offer to the user. Most of these cameras are being sold through the internet directly from the manufacturers, or imported and rebranded under many different names, “have you ever wondered why so many dash cameras look the same?”

So what is a dash camera?

A dash camera is usually a forward facing camera that records normally to an SD or micro SD card. The video will record and then loop back to the start of the card when it is full. The video for insurance purposes should have the time and date stamped on to the video. Additional features are a GPS receiver for linking on to mapping images, G Force sensors for showing impact direction and force, also hard acceleration or breaking and Event tagging.

Why do we need dash cameras?

There are 2 main reasons for having a dash camera. The first is because your insurance company has insisted that you have one fitted to help reduce your insurance premiums, the second is for your own peace of mind, so that if any of your drivers are involved in an incident you have an independent witness that can be used in court as well as assisting in an insurance claim.

Why you should choose RoadHawk dash cameras?

RoadHawk HD2 1080p car accident camera

The RoadHawk HD2 and RoadHawk DC-2 , are both small & discrete forward facing camera systems. They are designed to fit typically to the passenger side of the windscreen between the rear view mirror and screen, this puts the camera in the optimum position to view the road ahead. This conforms to MOT regulations for objects in the windscreen, under the UK Road Traffic Act 1988. Your vehicle is not roadworthy (it would fail an MOT) if the camera or any of its mounted body protrude more than 40mm into the swept area of your wiper blades.

The RoadHawk HD2 and DC-2 cameras are GPS enabled, have G-Force sensors, loop recording with time and date stamp, Event tagging and manual event button and are approved by the major insurers. All RoadHawk cameras are designed in the UK and come with a full 2 year UK warranty.

RoadHawk dash cameras do not have screens as these are regarded as a major distraction for drivers, and unless the screen is not viewable while driving or it operates as a navigational aid they are not permitted under The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986.

RoadHawk cameras work straight out of the box, no setup is required, although the RoadHawk software will need to be used to adjust any of the settings. The software is compatible with both PC and MAC operating systems and is FREE to download here.

ETS can hard-wire install your cameras and even link them directly to vehicle telematics units to offer the perfect ‘all in one’ fleet management solution.

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