Case Study: Carillion Telent

About Carillion telent:

Carillion telent is an industry leader focused upon transforming the management of the infrastructure and buildings that we all use. With a scientific approach to its business vocation Carillion telent aims to change the way that people do their jobs by employing the most advanced technological and logistical solutions.
Carillion telent has a contract with BT Openreach that is worth £1.4 billion over seven years and for a workforce over 2000. It is charged with the management of the rollout of BT Openreach street operations: the laying of fibre to business and domestic and business properties, and consequently also has responsibility for the safety of the public and its employees and the general wellbeing of the environment.

The Challenge

Under the law Carillion telent must ensure that BT Openreach street projects do not overrun. Access to all kinds of streets and public thoroughfares, from the most busy to the most quiet, must not exceed definite periods, under penalty of considerable sanctions. Fines can exceed £5000 a day! Clearly, on the occasions when such overruns occur, there is inconvenience to the public and financial consequences for both BT Openreach and its contractor Carillion telent.

Carillion telent came to us looking for help that would allow them to expedite their responsibilities to BT Openreach and to the public as efficiently as possible and so avoid the financially disabling and reputation-damaging effects of project overruns
and other infractions of regulations.

The Solution

Within six weeks we had the WorkMobile® solution up, running and delivering results for Carillion telent.
Following our staff’s customizing of WorkMobile® for Carillion telent the company’s ‘s field inspectors are able to feed in data on workflow, work quality and safety standards to jobs downloaded on WorkMobile® forms to their mobiles and tablets, as well as exploit other key WorkMobile® functionalities such as capturing photos on forms. The data is then transmitted back in ‘real time’ to WorkMobile® where tabs are kept on schedules that need to be observed if hefty fines are to be avoided.
• On-premise server deployment [enhanced security and integration capabilities] • 2 WorkMobile® Case Study
• 2 mobile apps – android + iOS. Can be downloaded at:
• Training delivered to all affected internal and external stakeholders (including contractors). Training portal at:
• Data portal at
• Data portal enable back office users to:
o Create / manage mobile users
o Download Data captured
o Audit or Modify data captured
• Integration to SOLO
• Device-side workflow
• Server-side workFlow for different Work Stream (Work type: e.g. Civils Gang will perform different WorkFlow
to the Cabling Gangs)
• Advanced Reporting

Benefits & Features Used

Besides the transformed efficiency delivered by the WorkMobile® solution Carillion telent was able to benefit in other ways:
• Carillion telent was able to benefit from the expertise of the WorkMobile® staff who organized all of their data capture, transmission and storage needs. Very few of our competitors are able to offer such an adaptable service – a superior product backed by in-house support.
• Carillion telent received training in how to use WorkMobile® to meet the particular challenges of their work, training that was consolidated by a complete raft of bespoke training literature including supporting videos
• Carillion telent took advantage of the possibility WorkMobile® offers of rebranding forms in accordance with desired company branding and image.