About Morrison Utility Services

Morrison Utility’s main area of expertise is the provision, replacement, repair and maintenance of utility network infrastructure, for example: electricity substations, water and gas pipes, electricity & telecommunication cables and installation of water, electricity and gas meters on behalf of blue chip utility companies in the UK.

Morrison is a large company with a large workforce and a variety of clients among the utilities sector. Morrison Utility supplies their personnel with smartphone hardware to carry out a range of services. The firm works with it’s own employees but also works with various other contractors and subcontractors.

The Challenge

Morrison Utilities wanted to find a cost effective solution to manage the work of its field engineers more effectively, which includes job scheduling, resource management and generally speeding up the amount of time it takes to get info back from their various external teams.
In the old, pre-WorkMobile® days the firm looked to its own CRM to help it send out ‘job packs’ to its external workers. These were large packs of paper containing job information/ specs and various other paper-forms that were printed off for the workers to fill out and return (Job sheets, Time sheets / Health and Safety forms etc.).

Only once the engineer sent the forms or documents back, (up to two weeks after the Job was completed) would it be possible for Morrison to provide their customers with an update and confirmation of a job’s completion and or timesheets etc. and also, the ability to invoice their customer.
This timescale was unsatisfactory and out of date, especially as jobs could take months to complete. There was also the issues of missing Health and safety forms being filled in and being sent back from the field, these were sometimes missing and or had not been sent back and when being audited these were causing huge headaches for Morrison.

A solution was needed, one that added more speed and efficiency to the service Morrison Utilities provided, and took the hassle of all the paperwork and sending information back away from the field engineer.

After looking at various suppliers WorkMobile® stood out head and shoulders above competitors to supply a solution for all their needs, which included data capture, integration to existing systems, ease of use for the engineers and also the ability to create either simple or detailed
reports of the data.

The Solution

To overcome the challenge, Morrison Utility took an already very robust WorkMobile system and integrated WorkMobile into its own on-premise system. Now their on-premise system transmits data (the old ‘job packs’) to WorkMobile® which turns these into electronic forms, workers are then sent the information/form which automatically download’s to their handset/tablet, this informs them of the job that they have been allocated to do and gives them a simple and easy way to capture the data on the device and to transmit back job sheets/Health and safety/Timesheets etc to their CRM in real time.

On the customised CRM/web portal, Morrison’s customers can view the progress/timesheets/information of the work they have contracted Morrison to do.
Gone are the delays, the uncertainties of the paper past. As Morrison commented to us, ‘We can’t believe it’s so simple to use’.
But the genius of the solution is in the details. WorkMobile® is compatible and can be integrated with most back office systems. External workers can use either on-line or off line as there is the necessity for many of our clients to work in remote locations.
Information from CRM / WorkMobile is very easily transformed so that it can appear on a user’s device as an electronic form. The external user can either open up a WorkMobile® form with certain information already pre-filled in (name, address, job that is required) and then the form just requires completing by engineer, gaining customer or site manager’s signature and or any Photos and then sending back to the office…… or it can simply be a blank form that is filled in completely by the engineer and then sent back to the office.
WorkMobile® is a software solution that can capture not only data but also to capture photographs, GPS location, barcode scanning etc but can also give you the reporting ability you need; all are available as elements of the WorkMobile® electronic ‘form’.

All the below functionalities Morrison takes advantage of, enabling it to provide a superior service to its customers as well as take the care it needs with the health and safety of its workers.

Benefits & Features Used

• No more paperwork
• A much quicker turn- around time for data captured
• Easier to generate reports
• Improvement in quality of data captured
• Reduced printing and paper costs.