Case Study: United Utilities

About United Utilities:

United Utilities is the largest operator of water and wastewater networks in the UK. It supplies 2,000 million litres of water every day via a network of around 40,000 kilometres of water mains, 1,444 kilometres of aqueduct and over 100 water treatment works, serving 2.9 million households and businesses.

The Challenge

Plagued by concerns about water conservation in the wake of climate change, leakage legislation and operation costs, United Utilities had identified problems with their paper-based leak reporting system.
It was simply taking too long to report leaks and deploy field engineers to fix them.

The Solution

Our WorkMobile® became the first mobile technology solution to specifically address the issue of water leakage. Initially, a 35 device pilot was carried out with United Utilities cooperation.
WorkMobile® enabled workers in the field to file real-time reports of leaks and defects, in a tick box format on their PDA device. United Utilities’ headquarters could then act quickly on the information, which contains a 12-digit grid reference for the site of the leak.
This is automatically generated by the software, using GPS technology built into the hand-held. The pilot was a great success and test results showed the system delivered quicker and more accurate reporting of leaks and saved water by reducing leakage run-times

Benefits & Features Used

• Time savings were very significant; by allowing engineers to log on and off for work remotely and cutting out the need to deliver paper forms to head office, around five hours a week were saved per engineer.
• Reduced leak reporting by 2.5 days,
• Saved 100 tonnes CO2 by reducing unnecessary vehicle journies
• Reduced average run time of the leak from 5 days to 1
• Aborted repair visits reduced

“We’ve been very impressed with the customisable nature
of WorkMobile® and the fact that it’s positively impacted
our business virtually from day one. United Utilities and
their Solutions are working together to deliver us with not
just results on the ground, but more accountability through
real-time data and management reports.”

Paul Parr, Leakage Planner, United Utilities