Ideal For Retail

Your Sales Team carries an office around on their backs – or in their briefcases. That means paper, lots of it. Lists of leads and customers, details of appointments, order forms for when a sale has been procured, feedback forms, notes and actions forms.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Data has to be fed to staff who in turn have to feed it back. WorkMobile streamlines and automates some of these manual tasks and lets your people devote all of their attention to satisfying customers and building the customer base.

Reduce Human Error

You can drastically reduce the hassle, helping sales teams across the world to make the data capture process simpler, quicker and much more efficient for both the sales team and the back-office, reducing administrative duties and errors associated with manual data entry.

Better Information, Better Results

Improve your sales figures with enhanced background information by integrating social networks and customer data collection.


Customer engagement with strategies such as Mystery Shopping, store promotions, brand awareness, competitions and surveys all become that much simpler with the flexibility of WorkMobile forms.


Job forms can be sent out to staff to request data. Forms can be returned to your central office, geo-location and time-stamped so that you know precisely where a person was when they returned the form and when.