AA’s First Fuel Efficient Driving Competition using Trakm8 ecoN

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AA’s First Fuel Efficient Driving Competition using Trakm8 ecoN

-Smooth driving winners’ average 98% fuel efficiency scores-

Trakm8 and the AA are pleased to announce that through utilisation of Trakm8’s fuel saving system, ecoN, the winners of the AA’s inaugural Fuel Efficient Driving competition scored an average of over 98% fuel efficiency.

Over 2500 AA patrol vans have been fitted with Trakm8’s ecoN. The system includes in-vehicle driver feedback and drivers have been competing during a three month period this year to prove they are a smooth driver and make the most efficient use of fuel. A shortlist of two types of fuel efficient drivers were drawn to reveal who has consistently been the best patrol on their driving behaviour and those who have had the most improvement overall during the three month period.

Efficiency scores were calculated using Trakm8’s ecoN fuel saving system, which records accurate fuel usage and CO2 figures, together with harsh braking, idling, acceleration and cornering information to create an overall performance percentage of the vehicle and driver.

The competition was a huge success with the ten winners showing an average fuel efficiency score of 98.12% and one individual AA driver, making an impressive 69.30% improvement in their fuel efficiency during the three month period.

Paul Wilson, Director of Trakm8, commented:

“Trakm8 is delighted to see that, thanks to our ecoN technology, the AA patrol force are becoming incredibly fuel efficient drivers.  Since working in partnership with the AA we have seen fleet fuel costs reduce substantially, evidenced by the fuel efficiency scores achieved by the winners in this inaugural competition.”

Chris Bailey, Head of Technology at the AA, commented:

At the AA we work hard to ensure we maximise our fuel efficiency for environmental and commercial benefit. Driving smoothly and efficiently also contributes to the safety of our patrols.”