Important free of charge Software update for all TomTom PRO navigation units

Chris Woods Latest News

TomTom Business Solution’s have announced the release of an important software update, version 10.534, for all PRO navigation devices.

This release has functionality to improve order workflow but importantly rectifies an identified issue affecting a proportion of TomTom navigation devices.  This issue has been caused by a bug in a chip provided by a third party and has prevented the units obtaining a GPS position.

There are no known issues for TomTom navigation devices operating in combination with a TomTom LINK Classic or Link300. Obtaining the GPS position can be easily selected on the navigation device when tapping the Menu Icon WORK › page 2 › Settings › Use LINK GPS and this should be the default setting.

TomTom apologise for any inconvenience caused and state all PRO devices should be updated to the latest software (10.534 or higher) to ensure the resolution for the above mentioned GPS issue. This update is considered mandatory for all cases when the navigation device is used independent of a LINK unit and update to this version would be the first advice given for any technical support.

Please remember to back up your device before commencing this update.

If you have not already done so, you will need to download MyTomTom.  The update can then be downloaded and installed automatically by connecting your PRO navigation device to MyTomTom.