The latest client to record significant savings: Mill Autoquip

Chris Woods Latest News

Mill Autoquip are the South West’s leading supplier of Automotive parts with over 40 years service to the motor trade and a member of the Parts Alliance.

Operating from 17 branches across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset their fleet of over 150 vehicles are responsible for delivering car parts to garages across the region.

Mill Auto’s took on ETS’s tracking recommendation primarily to manage the fuel spend across such a large fleet.

Following detailed consultation and training rolled out across every branch, Mill Auto’s have used the road specific speeding within the software to reduce the number of speeding events and how much the speed limits are exceeded by.

Working with their drivers with an open poster campaign to raise their awareness of safe and fuel efficient driving and a targeted staff leaflet showing how the cost of fuel affects the company and their staff they have significantly reduced speeding across the whole fleet with the data provided by the tracking solution.

This has had a very positive effect on fuel consumption, improving fuel efficiency by 2-3 miles per gallon and reducing fuel bills by around £4,000 per month just by reducing the fleet’s speed.  This will be an on-going process in maintaining the improvements made on speeding.

To further reduce the fuel spend, next quarter Mill Auto’s will start to actively reduce unnecessary engine idling and the following quarter, once those savings can be maintained will use the system to evaluate the utilisation of vehicles across the fleet.

Company Accountant, Tony Watson reported the savings above and his complete satisfaction with the system and service provided by ETS.

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