RoadHawk E10

Our multi camera system. With up to 4 camera inputs, the option of screen and multi configurable inputs, the RoadHawk E10 offers a bespoke market leading solution for any vehicle looking to eliminate blind spots by using cameras and a screen, for recording of secure loads or for all-round recording in case of an RTC.

System Overview

The RoadHawk E10 camera system is a fully configurable black box recording system, providing high quality video evidence from up to 4 separate cameras with supporting GPS data for use in the event of a road traffic incident. The system can be used in many different ways depending on the vehicle it is fitted to and what the operator wants.

  • Worried about cyclists or pedestrians on your near side?
    Using the external camera and the TFT screen, the driver can gain additional vision of the side of the vehicle over the standard side mirror.
  • Want to see what’s behind?
    An external camera can be rear mounted and configured so it is viewed when the vehicle is in reverse.
  • Concerned about leaving the vehicle while making deliveries?
    For added security you can set the system to continue recording even after you turn off the ignition and lock the vehicle.
  • Want to monitor your load bay?
    The internal IR camera will act as a cctv system for your load bay. Combined with a TFT screen & switch, you can check the load bay without getting out of the vehicle.
  • Need all round vision?
    Using up to 4 cameras the system will offer view of over 90% of the area around the vehicle, meaning there will video that captures any incident where ever it is around the vehicle.
  • Carry passengers?
    The internal IR camera will allow you to ensure you obtain evidence of an issues there may be with passengers.
  • Concerned about your drivers using mobile phones?
    The internal IR can be used to monitor your driver’s behaviour.

There is also a microphone input allowing internal recording. This can be used to gain evidence in a road rage incident, when a taxi fare refuses to pay or for the driver to add additional evidence [eg speak aloud the number plate of a car causing an incident] to a video recording.

Select up to 4 cameras and monitor
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