The RoadHawk Vision produces crisp 2304x1296p SuperHD footage, the highest quality video of all dash cams within this price range! With a 160 degree field of vision you’ll see more of the road ensuring no incident is missed.

RoadHawk Vision uses the latest cutting-edge components, including in-built Wi-Fi, to transmit Super HD footage directly to our easy to-use smart phone app. RoadHawk have created a unique product for both the experienced and first time dash cam user.

With its G-Force sensor and superior image quality, RoadHawk Vision is able to supply clear and reliable evidence to insurers and emergency services in the event of a collision. ‘Event’ files are automatically saved in a separate folder when the cameras smart G-Force sensor detects a collision.

The free to download app enables you to playback footage, adjust the camera settings and download video clips to your phone without having to leave your car – when safely pulled over of course!

Certain incidents such as cases of verbal abuse mean it is important to have clear audio as well as video recording which is why the Roadhawk Vision has an in-built microphone.

Product Features:

• 1080p and 2304x1296p 30fps SuperHD mode very high quality video
• HDR sensor
• 160 degree wide angles F2.0 Lens
• 5 mega pixel sensor
• Advanced Low light sensor
• 8GB MicroSD card included. Compatible up to 128GB MicroSD card
• G-Force Sensor (no GPS)
• Internal Wi-Fi module
• Window mount included
• USB powered with car accessory socket included


Product Size: (LxWxH) 90×38.4x30mm
Configuration: Ambarella A7LA50 chipset+OV4689 sensor
Sensor: 5MP
Lens: Fix Focus Lens (1600)
Video Image Resolution: 2304x1296p @30fps, 1080p @30fps, 720p @60/30fps
Still Image Resolution: 5MP
Built-in Memory: 256MB and Flash
External Memory Card: Up to 128GB (64GB included. Online retail offer only)
Time/Date Stamp: Yes
Anti-Shake: N/A
Microphone: Built in
Speaker: Built in
ISO: Auto
White Balance: Auto
Scene: Auto
Shutter Speed: 1/2~1/4000s
USB Port: USB 2.0 high Speed
HDMI or YPbPr out: HDMI
Loop record: User selectable
G-Sensor: User adjustable settings

How the system works:

The camera records until the MicroSD card becomes full and then starts to overwrite the
earliest files on a constant loop. The total record time will depend on the capacity of the
MicroSD card used in the camera and the quality settings of the video window.

The RoadHawk Vision camera can also hold 50 ‘event’ files. After 50 ‘event’ files have been
created, the camera will start to erase the earliest ‘event’ files to make room for more.

An ‘event’ is triggered when the camera detects a sudden change in G-Force. This may be
the result of a road traffic accident or from driving on an uneven road surface. Depending
on the vehicle the camera is being used in.

An ‘event’ file will be a 30 second video clip, 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the
actual event occurs. These files will be stored on the MicroSD card in the ‘event’ folder for
easy access.

If your camera is creating a lot of ‘event’ files on normal journeys, please lower the G-Force
sensitivity by using the RoadHawk Vision App.

• iPhone and Android
• Live view from camera
• Change settings on camera
• Stream recorded video from camera
• Download high quality video from camera