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ETS provide a range of fleet management solutions. The web based SPOTON family of solutions bring together the benefits of vehicle tracking alongside many data rich features. From monitoring driver behaviour to preventing the theft of plant, a variety of solutions can be provided to help the Fleet Manager to increase efficiencies and reduce cost. The addition of RoadHawk in vehicle cameras ensure that clients can create an 'all in one' fleet management solution.
Many of our clients have realised the benefits of our FREE demo which allows a specialist to understand your operation and your challenges to recommend the best solution to meet both needs and budget.

Our Solutions

Improve your Fleet Management efficiencies through utilising an intelligent telematics device coupled with an easy to use, smart vehicle tracking web portal. SPOTONfleet displays the live location of all the vehicles within a fleet. Click here to read more….
The most effective way to make fuel savings is to improve a driver’s behaviour. SPOTONfuel achieves this by providing the driver with real time feedback on how they are driving. A Lightbar mounted on the dashboard will tell the driver if their driving is too erratic, or if they are braking too harshly. This then promotes a smoother, more cost efficient driving style. Click here to read more….
SPOTONplant is the security solution provided by BOX Telematics to prevent the theft and misuse of plant equipment and agricultural assets. A rugged telematics device provides an accurate location of assets inSPOTONweb portal, where information can be viewed in real time. Click here to read more….
The addition of RoadHawk to the BOX Telematics product portfolio helps to prevent fraudulent insurance claims through mounted in-vehicle cameras. This provides the Fleet Manager with complete visibility of the fleet’s activity, making the range of SPOTONWeb products the perfect ‘all in one’ Fleet Management solution. Click here to read more….
Route Monkey is an award-winning leader in the development and provision of complex, multi-criterion algorithms. It provides solutions for scheduling, modelling and optimisation of assets including people, goods, energy, infrastructure and vehicles. Route Monkey is also a pioneer in the optimisation of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs), energy management solutions and Intelligent Mobility. Click here to read more….
WorkMobile can revolutionise your processes by eliminating the need for field based personnel to complete paper forms by replicating them on their mobile devices. Click here to read more….