Spoton Fleet

What Is SPOTONfleet?

SPOTONfleet is a flexible Fleet Management solution that manages vehicles through an online web portal. It is designed to actively manage fleet activities whilst reducing unnecessary costs and streamlining administration duties. It includes easily interpreted reports and smart data such as timesheet evidence, mileage information and time spent in geofenced areas, enabling Fleet Managers to make informed decisions about the movements of a fleet. Using advanced mapping options, SPOTONfleet provides an accurate view of the real time activities of vehicles. Journeys can be reconstructed with driving behaviour events highlighted, as well as the option of using Google Street View to get a more accurate overview of the route.

Spoton Web - Snail Trail

What are the benefits of SPOTONfleet?

SPOTONfleet’s wide variety of available information makes it easier than ever to increase efficiencies, reduce administration duties and ultimately, reduce costs. The solution improves the visibility of fleet activity through real time vehicle tracking, live traffic data and historic route replay.

What will SPOTONfleet do for you?

SPOTONfleet provides the Fleet Manager with in-depth real time information about their fleet and the surrounding environment, such as location, speed (braking, accelerating, cornering) and live traffic updates. This information enables informed decisions to be made to reduce costs by analysing working time, driving time and time spent on site.

Spoton Web - Highways Traffic Flow


Why choose SPOTONfleet?

Improve a Fleet’s efficiencies through utilising an intelligent telematics device coupled with an easy to use, smart vehicle tracking web portal. No hard computer install is required when using SPOTONfleet, it is all accessed online via any web enabled device. SPOTONfleet is the ideal solution for effective Fleet Management.

All in one fleet management solution


The addition of RoadHawk cameras to the BOX Telematics product portfolio helps to prevent fraudulent insurance claims through mounted in-vehicle cameras. This provides the Fleet Manager with complete visibility of the fleet’s activity, making SPOTONfleet the ideal ‘all in one’ Fleet Management solution.

Made in Britain

About BOX Telematics & ETS Business Solutions

BOX & ETS have over 25 years’ experience within the telematics industry supplying companies with market leading web based Fleet Management solutions that bring together the benefits of vehicle tracking, alongside many in-depth reporting features.

From monitoring driving behaviour to preventing the theft of plant, a variety of solutions can be provided to help the Fleet Managers increase efficiencies and reduce cost. With an in house design and development team, ETS & BOX Telematics have successfully delivered complete Fleet Management systems to many companies throughout the UK and abroad.

Made in Britain

BOX Telematics are the designers, developers and manufacturers of all their Fleet Management products and solutions.

Whilst continuing to innovate through design and development, BOX Telematics own all of the Intellectual Property associated with their products and solutions.

Due to the strength within the company, BOX Telematics are now proud members of the number one marque of British manufacturing, “Made in Britain.”

This supports and promotes British manufacturing enabling customers at home and abroad to identify British-made products.