What Is SPOTON fuel?

SPOTONfuel is the revolutionary Fleet Management solution that enables savings of up to 15% to be made on overall fuel bills by encouraging better driving styles through an in-cab driver feedback display.

Fleet Managers can then monitor both drivers and vehicles through a variety of customisable dashboards that display the data on both driving behaviour and performance.

What are the benefits of SPOTONfuel?

SPOTONfuel will improve overall driving behaviour, in turn saving money on fuel, increasing efficiencies, reducing carbon footprint and encouraging safer driving styles.

The market leading solution gives the ability to make well informed decisions as to where improvements can be made, both instantly to the driver and through scheduled reports to the Fleet Manager. This means progression to reduce fuel consumption will start instantly upon installation.

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What will SPOTONfuel do for you?

SPOTONfuel provides an in-cab driver feedback display which enables the driver to instantly alter their driving, generating quick savings on fuel costs. Drivers are also given a driving rating from A to G, enabling them to see not just how they are improving, but also the areas where they can develop a more efficient driving practice.

Through utilising live driver feedback and driver behaviour monitoring, SPOTONfuel will accurately pinpoint where fuel is being wasted via fleet trends. A wealth of reports are available that precisely measure aspects of driving that have a direct effect on fuel consumption, such as:

  • Harsh braking
  • Over revving between gears
  • Harsh cornering
  • Accelerating too quickly

SPOTONfuel utilises an intuitive web based Fleet Management portal, SPOTONweb. This software is at the core of all BOX Telematics’ Fleet Management products and gives Fleet Managers the necessary tools to coordinate a fleet of any size effectively.

All in one fleet management solution

The addition of RoadHawk cameras to the BOX Telematics product portfolio helps to prevent fraudulent insurance claims through mounted in-vehicle cameras. This provides the Fleet Manager with complete visibility of the fleet’s activity, making SPOTONfleet the ideal ‘all in one’ Fleet Management solution.

Made in Britain

About BOX Telematics & ETS Business Solutions

BOX & ETS have over 25 years’ experience within the telematics industry supplying companies with market leading web based Fleet Management solutions that bring together the benefits of vehicle tracking, alongside many in-depth reporting features.

From monitoring driving behaviour to preventing the theft of plant, a variety of solutions can be provided to help the Fleet Managers increase efficiencies and reduce cost. With an in house design and development team, ETS & BOX Telematics have successfully delivered complete Fleet Management systems to many companies throughout the UK and abroad.

Made in Britain

BOX Telematics are the designers, developers and manufacturers of all their Fleet Management products and solutions.

Whilst continuing to innovate through design and development, BOX Telematics own all of the Intellectual Property associated with their products and solutions.

Due to the strength within the company, BOX Telematics are now proud members of the number one marque of British manufacturing, “Made in Britain.”

This supports and promotes British manufacturing enabling customers at home and abroad to identify British-made products.