Hyndburn Council Case Study

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The Council currently maintains approximately 450 hectares of Public Open Spaces.

In addition the Council is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of nine war memorials and their surroundings.

The borough operates a total of 28 play areas, twenty of which meet the standard for play areas as defined by the Fields in Trust six-acre standard.

Hyndburn Borough council used ETS’ services to select the most suitable and cost effective vehicle tracking system for their parks and open spaces department as well as vehicles covering their playgrounds.

A Hyndburn Council Vehicle

Why did they need vehicle tracking?

  • Health and Safety of staff including lone workers.
  • To track and recover stolen vehicles.
  • To monitor work performance.
  • For efficient resource allocation to divert nearest
    vehicle to site.

Why ETS?

ETS were selected as an independent team of consultants with complete impartiality within the vehicle tracking sector. During the consultative process the Council’s exact requirements were established and numerous systems were discussed giving honest advice of the advantages and disadvantages of each to allow the Hyndburn Borough council a choice of solutions through one supplier to meet specific departmental needs.

The selected system was chosen based upon its ease of use for non-IT staff to be able to quickly attain the required information at an affordable price for the Council’s budget.

The Solution

Improved efficiency of both vehicles and workforce. The monetary value of re-routing vehicles and reduced down time from the information available on the tracking has been calculated at £10,000 per year, a fraction of the outlay and ongoing fee of running the system. This is the equivalent to an additional half post for the year.

Managers have complete confidence in the work done by remote workers as all locations can be verified through the tracking system.

Insurance claims with little substance against council vehicles have now been reduced with managers being able to prove beyond any doubt the vehicles locations at all times.

Cost inefficient work has been identified and sub-contracted to free up resources to undertake value adding work.

The extra available staff hours have been utilised within other areas to ensure that work previously too time consuming is now fulfilled completely.

Benefits gained

“We chose ETS as they made the whole process very simple.  They listened to our requirements so they understood our operations and were able to offer honest, impartial advice to ensure we selected the right system for our needs at the best possible price without having to see multiple companies all promoting a single product.

Since implementation we have tangibly improved the efficiency of our operational services, completing more work and making savings during the process.

We needed a simple to use system as IT is just one of many roles for our managers so we needed to be able to be using it straight away to its maximum potential without specialist IT skills which we achieved.”

Craig Horabin
Parks and Open Space Manager
Hyndburn Borough Council