Liverpool City Council Case Study


Liverpool City Council’s ‘trades teams’ fleet realised a fuel reduction in excess of 22% following the implementation of a vehicle tracking solution through ETS.

The team, which is made up of mixed skilled workmen including mechanical & electrical, operate a fleet of 40 vans within their operation and Liverpool City Council wanted to introduce a tracking solution to reduce their ever increasing fuel bills and environmental impact.

Within the first three months of implementation (April-June 2012) they saw a saving of around £4,000 on fuel spend compared with the three months previous to the trackers being installed ensuring an almost immediate return on their investment.

How did they achieve these savings?

By using the information provided from the tracking system, Liverpool City Council were able to reduce driving style events that have a negative impact on fuel use including harsh driving, road specific speeding and excessive engine idling.

By continuing to manage and reduce these events, they were able to ensure the savings continued and an average fuel reduction in excess of 22% means a 22% reduction of fuel costs and Co2 emissions ensuring a leaner, greener fleet.



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