Mill Autoquip Case Study


Mill Autoquip is the South West’s leading supplier of Automotive parts with over 40 years service to the motor trade and a member of the Parts Alliance.

Operating from 17 branches across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset their fleet of over 150 vehicles are responsible for delivering car parts to garages across the region.

Mill Auto’s took on ETS’s tracking recommendation primarily to manage the fuel spend across such a large fleet.

Following detailed consultation and training rolled out across every branch, Mill Auto’s utilised the road specific speeding capabilities within the tracking software to immediately reduce the number of speeding events and how much the speed limits are exceeded by.

mill van

Working with their drivers Mill Autoquip deployed an open poster campaign to raise awareness of safe and fuel efficient driving with a targeted staff leaflet showing how the cost of fuel affects the company and their staff.

This has had a very positive, immediate effect on fuel consumption, improving fuel efficiency by 2-3 miles per gallon and reducing fuel bills by around £2,500 per month.

Mill Autoquip have seen these significant fuel savings maintained since the initial roll out in May 2012 with very little management time required. With these events now at a manageable level it ensures spikes in events stand out and the message to re focus the driving styles is filtered through to the drivers.

Company Accountant for Mill Autoquip, Tony Watson, reported the savings above and his complete satisfaction with the system and service provided by ETS stating that the savings derived are much more than paying for the cost of the system.

Tony also advised that the system has proved extremely helpful in accident investigation and that they hope to integrate the tracking system into other software that Mill Autoquip deploy to ensure more operational benefits are realised going forward.

Driving Styles

Harsh Driving

The tracking solution deployed by Mill Autoquip is able to measure and report on several key driving styles and habits that contribute to fuel consumption.

As well as reporting on road specific speed excesses the system is able to alert and report on harsh driving styles and excessive idling, both major contributors to fuel use and wear & tear on vehicle components.

By utilising the systems reporting capabilities it is easy to identify excessive driving styles and quickly correct them to ensure a very fast return on investment as realised by Mill Autoquip.