In Vehicle Camera Solutions


In-Vehicle Camera Solutions

ETS work with BOX Telematics to offer innovative and revolutionary Fleet Management Solutions through a pioneering product range. BOX Telematics provide market-leading products which contain the most modern componentry available, all of which is manufactured right here in the UK. The state of the art technology used puts them at the very forefront of the telematics industry.

RoadHawk DC-2


The newest camera in the RoadHawk range, with up to 1080p available, image stabilisation, low light sensor and compatibility with SDXC memory cards.  The RoadHawk DC-2 camera can also be fitted with an external GPS antenna, locking box solution and either a remote event trigger or remote event and alarm output trigger.

RoadHawk HD

Being the top of the RoadHawk range, the HD offers the very best optics, low light sensor and full 1080p HD video, an optional fit external GPS antenna (if GPS signal proves difficult to obtain) and additional adjustability.  This camera is suited to the client that requires / wants a little extra.  The RoadHawk HD also offers an optional lock box solution to secure the memory card and power lead against tampering.


RoadHawk RH-2


The RoadHawk RH-2 is a 2 camera system, with a forward facing and in vehicle camera.  This camera is a firm favourite amongst business fleets wishing to monitor the driver as well as the road ahead. It is also used by taxi, bus and coach drivers where sight of the passengers is often needed.  This camera also includes a wired remote ‘event’ trigger button.

RoadHawk RIDE R+

The RoadHawk RIDE R+ is the next generation of camera designed for cyclists and motorcyclists.  Fully waterproof, small and discrete with loop recording and time stamp making it ideal for both helmet and bike mounting. Improvements include laser alignment, vibration alerts, remote control and optional extended battery pack. This can also be used on other vehicles where a waterproof camera is required (and can also be powered by the vehicle).


RoadHawk E10


Our multi camera system.  With up to 4 camera inputs, the option of  screen and multi configurable inputs, the RoadHawk E10 offers a bespoke market leading solution for any vehicle looking to eliminate blind spots by using cameras and a screen, for recording of secure loads or for all-round recording in case of an RTC.  (Full description of DVR and camera options available on request).


Watch this near miss, its frightening to think what would have happened had an impact occurred. 

  • Provides accurate video, speed, time & date, G-force and location
  • Proven to improve driver behaviour
  • Allows claims to be settled more effectively and efficiently
  • Eligible for use in court to exonerate driver of any blame
  • No subscription or on-going costs
  • Zero maintenance once fitted


Take a look at this accident which could have proven difficult for the truck driver to prove the fault without the clear footage captured on the camera.

  • 120 degree field of view, offering wide angle, distortion free video
  • Proven to improve driver behaviour – Reduce fleet and fuel costs
  • Continuously records journey and saves impact data separately
  • Self-fit or UK wide approved fitting service available
  • Simple to view and send video files
  • Full 2 year warranty and UK based customer support


fps distribution

‘We feel the Roadhawk cameras have already paid for themselves by proving liability in accidents in those cases where the company driver is at not at fault, but which would otherwise be settled on a 50-50 basis for lack of evidence. The cameras give us clarity about what happened. It will also prevent fraudulent claims which have become a big problem in the UK’.

 Stuart Collett, Fleet Manager FPS Distribution.